Simple Essay On Preserving The Past


It is important that maintain and protect the beautiful building in the past, even if it is expensive for owners to do so.” what do you think of this statement? Give reasons and examples on your own experience.

Complete the topic within 20 minutes. Write a 200-300 word essay.

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Beautiful architectures and monuments often add to the appearance of the city and improve its aesthetic value. Further, if the site has some significant historic event associated with it then it becomes further imperative to preserve such a landmark. However, it is often observed that time takes its toll on any artefact and this is particularly true with buildings which are often subjected to all moods of the weather. Lives of such important structures can be increased and even the action of natural elements revered if timely repairs and reconstructions are undertaken as soon as the need arises. In my opinion, such beautiful structures that are a part of the city’s heritage should be preserved in order to allow the new generations to connect with the city’s cultural past.

The repairs and preservation come at a cost which grows exponentially year over year. The real question that we need to ask is, who should bear this ever increasing price? Firstly, whatever is good for the society, such as the monuments in question, should be taken care by the people or their representatives. Who represents the people of a particular place better than its elected government? Therefore, the government should direct funds aimed specifically at preserving and uplifting the state of these beautiful historical structures. Secondly, if the building already forms a part of some private property, then the government should direct the funds to the owner of the same. Further, in order to prevent misuse of the funds, the government should appoint a committee to oversee the appropriation of the funds.

In conclusion, the beautiful historical buildings must be preserved in order to safeguard the cultural heritage of our cities and the cost associated with repairs and preservation should come from the government.

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Write about the following essay topic in 20 minutes. You should write 200-300 words on the below given topic:

Should we preserve past historical buildings? How much care should be taken by their owners in terms of maintenance?

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There is continuous debate over preserving past historical buildings. Some prefer modern architecture and designs and bat for cheaper new buildings instead of preserving old ones. I personally disagree with this view and will further prove my point in this essay.

Some were spared the destruction and some remain as painful reminders of the regime. Historical buildings have a rich and vast history to be talked about. By visiting century old buildings or sites, people witness city’s diverse culture and complexity and this is the reason why people are attracted to historic places and buildings. Thereby attracting foreign currency and generate work for local people. It promotes growth and add value to the economy.

The historical buildings were made with high-quality construction material and by the most talented engineers of that era. For example, the temple Abu Simbel located in southern Egypt carved out of a sandstone rock cliff is a marvel piece of complex engineering. Their huge external rock relief figures have become iconic. The temple is one of the most popular tourist sites in Egypt. Such practices and materials are not really seen in modern era buildings and many historic buildings are much better than its brand new counterpart.

The government can avoid costly new constructions by simply upgrading the historic buildings with relatively inexpensive modifications and converting them to hotels, coffee shops or a tourist place. Also, the government should encourage public sector undertakings and corporate houses to conserve, restore and maintain protected buildings and sites. To conclude, the preservation and conservation of historical buildings are in the long term interest of society.

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