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  • 1

    Schedule an interview at a time and place convenient for the interviewee. Ask your interviewee to tell you when and where the best place is for them to meet. If they give you a choice, ask for a quiet place where you will be relatively undisturbed for the duration of the interview.
    • Schedule about 30-45 minutes with this person. Be respectful of their time and don’t take up their whole day. Be sure to confirm the date and time a couple of days ahead of the scheduled interview to make sure the time still works for the interviewee.
    • If your interviewee needs to reschedule, be flexible. Remember, they are being generous with their time and allowing you to talk with them, so be generous with your responses as well. Never make an interviewee feel guilty about needing to reschedule.
    • If you want to observe them doing a job, ask if they can bring you to their workplace. Asking if your interviewee will teach you a short lesson about what they do can also be excellent, as it will give you some knowledge of the experience to use when you write.
  • 2

    Prepare for your interview. Do research ahead of time to ensure that you are asking the most compelling questions. Have a long list of questions to keep the conversation flowing. Know your interview subject’s background and experience, as well as their views on the subject that you’re interviewing them about.

  • 3

    Give a list of questions to your interviewee ahead of time. The direction of the interview should not be a surprise to the interviewee. Giving them the questions before the interview will help them be able to give more thoughtful answers.

  • 4

    Arrive early for the interview. Your interviewee’s time is valuable, so you don’t want to waste the appointment rushing in and catching your breath. Get to the interview site early. Set up your audio recording equipment and test it out. Make sure you have extra pens and paper.

  • 5

    Audio-record the interview. Use an audio recorder for the interview, but take notes throughout as well. There is always the possibility that your recorder will run out of batteries or memory.
    • Be sure to ask your interviewee if it’s okay to audio-record the interview. If you plan to use the audio for any purpose other than for your own purposes writing up the article (such as a podcast that might accompany the feature article), you must tell them and get their consent.
    • Don't pressure the interviewee if they decline audio recording.
  • 6

    Confirm details about your interviewee. You don’t want to write a lengthy feature about a person only to find out that you’ve spelled their name wrong. Make sure you double-check the spelling of their name, as well as other details that are important to the story.

  • 7

    Ask open-ended questions. Questions that rely on yes or no answers will not give you very rich information. Instead, ask questions that start with “how” or “why.” These types of questions give the interviewee a chance to tell a story, relate details or give their opinion.
    • Another good option is a question that begins Tell me about a time when.... This allows the interviewee to tell you the story that's important to them, and can often produce rich information for your article.
  • 8

    Actively listen. Listening is a key component of a good interview. Don’t give too many of your own observations, but do react to what they are telling you by smiling or nodding. People are more likely to continue talking when their audience is receptive.

  • 9

    Ask follow up questions. Part of being a good interviewer is determining when someone is finished talking about a particular subject and when it will be helpful to prompt them for further discussion. You can also use your follow up questions to make connections between ideas.

  • 10

    Make notes immediately after the interview. Make observations and notes immediately when you’re finished with the interview when it is fresh in your mind. These might be observations about the location, what the person looked like, what they were doing or how they were carrying themselves.

  • 11

    Transcribe the interview. Transcribing, or typing out the entire interview, can be a tedious task. It is essential for getting quotes correct, however, and it can be very helpful to be able to read what your interviewee said. Do this yourself or pay someone to transcribe for you.

  • 12

    Send a thank you note to your interviewee. Thank them for their time, and give them an idea of when to expect the article about them. This is also a chance when you can ask a few follow-up questions if you find you need more information.

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