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Intensive Care Nurse Resume Samples

Intensive Care Nurses provide care in intensive care units and monitor critically ill patients. These professionals take care of patients diagnosed with cardiac disease or brain injuries, accident victims, or patients recuperating from complex surgeries. Intensive Care Nurse resume samples highlight assets such as the ability to use complex equipment, emotional strength, stamina, decision-making skills, and bedside manners. Successful resumes for this position mention an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree and state nursing license. Intensive Care Nurse certification may be required by some employers.

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Cardiovascular Intensive Care Nurse

Served as a specialty nurse caring for critical patients directly from the operating room following open-heart, vascular and thoracic surgeries. Monitored hemodynamic stability using Swan-Ganz catheter and arterial line data. Titrated multiple vasopressors, inotropes, and other cardiac supportive drips to maintain hemodynamic stability. Cared for patients with multiple chest tubes, epicardial pacemakers, intra-aortic balloon pumps, and on ventilatory support, requiring constant and close assessment. Using independent and critical thinking intervened when patients were not progressing and in need of volume replacement and immediate corrective action. Progressed patients through ventilator weaning and extubation and transition to the progressive care unit. Served as a preceptor for nurses new to critical care and as charge nurse for the CVICU and step-down unit.

  • Utilized critical thinking in a dynamic setting to ensure the safety of every patient
  • As a charge nurse, worked to help foster an environment of team work and support amongst the small number of skilled nurses on the unit and provided clinical expertise
  • Selected as one of two nurses to attend specialized training in Michigan at the commencement of our VAD program, and developed a bedside reference tool for the post-op care of Heartmate II patients.

Intensive Care Nurse

Administered medications intravenously or orally, using gastric tubes or other means necessary.

  • Advocated and provided emotional support for the needs of patients and their families.
  • Administered blood products, monitoring patients for symptoms related to transfusion reactions.
  • Monitored fluid intake and output to detect emerging problems such as fluid and electrolyte imbalances.
  • Collaborated with healthcare professionals to develop, implement and revise treatment plans based on needs and assessments.
  • Evaluated patient's psychosocial status addressing areas such as sleep patterns, anxiety, grief, anger and support systems.

Intensive Care Nurse

Provided critical care to patient to foster their safety and total care to including thorough patient assessment, cardiac monitoring, medication administration and titration.

  • Synthesizes organizational goals and critical thinking, evidence based research, empathy to ensure patient safety.
  • Served as a leader to both clinical and ancillary staff to ensure effective patient care.
  • Collaborated with other clinical and ancillary departments to ensure seamless care of patients.

Surgical Intensive Care Nurse

I completed a four month internship to the intensive care. Cared for patients with both acute and chronic illnesses. Received new admissions from the emergency department, Cath Lab and Operating Room. Initiated care plans that were appropriate for the patient's condition. Cared for patients in the immediate post-operative period; CABG, thoracotomy, craniotomies, heart valve replacement, vascular surgeries and other large surgical procedures. Operated Prisma, Intra-aortic balloon pumps and ventricular assist devices.

  • Monitored hemodynamics and identified changes in patient condition.
  • Charge nurse on an as needed basis.
  • Worked with and mentored student nurses.

Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse

Served as RN in the Children's Hospital. Working in the various settings: pediatric intensive care, pediatric intermediate care, and general pediatrics.

  • Actively participated in development and implementation of individual treatment plans for patients with broad range of health issues
  • Reliable, ethical healthcare provider with ability to stay calm and intervene during emergency situations, and caring for critically ill patients and their families while collaborating with multidisciplinary team members
  • Ensured that doctor's orders were effectively carried out, including testing, medical procedures, medication administration, consultations and stat orders
  • Responded to numerous emergencies and intervened appropriately with life saving measures, earning the respect of physicians and coworkers
  • Selected as a preceptor responsible for training new graduate nurses and student nurse externs

Intensive Care Nurse

  • Used assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation for patients according to ICU unit standards
  • Collaborated with professional team members to provide well rounded patient care
  • Created care plans for critical patients and provided education
  • Documented patient care and drug administration using the EPIC system
  • Worked effectively with team members

Intensive Care Nurse/nurse Supervisor

Worked in the intensive care department and provided care to critically ill patients

  • Supervised nurses for multiple departments, including Pediatrics, Emergency, Obstetrics, and Medical/Surgical
  • Performed Infection Control Surveillance
  • Placed IVs and performed phlebotomies as part of Intravenous Team
  • Reviewed patient charts and spoke with insurance case managers for approval of inpatient hospitalizations

Intensive Care Nurse

Responsible for providing service to patients suffering from critical diseases.

  • Assisted and coordinated with doctors and physicians.
  • Responsible for monitoring patient's condition regularly and charting utilizing "Horizon Expert Documentation" (hed)
  • Responsible for providing special care to patient's undergone critical surgery.

Intensive Care Nurse

  • Provided critical care to patients experiencing heart failure, chronically ill, or severely injured patients
  • Managed complex medication and treatment regiments to severely injured or sick patients
  • Tracked and recorded vital signs, symptoms, and concerns of patients and their family members

Intensive Care Nurse

Full time Neuro intensive care unit.

  • Floated to other areas as needed (CCU, MICU, Telemetry)
  • Provided care for patients and families who were experiencing actual of potential life threatening illnesses
  • Obtained several certifications in ICP monitoring, post heart catheter removal and cardiovascular accidents
  • Charge Nurse on a rotating basis, supervised and delegated to 4-5 RNs and care for up to 11 patients


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ICU Nurse Resume Samples

ICU Nurses, or Critical Care Nurses, are Registered Nurses who work in intensive care units. Duties incorporated into sample resumes of ICU Nurses include administering medications to patients and monitoring their responses to those medications, and providing health-related counseling to patients and their families on preventing communicable diseases. Training varies with applicants' resumes; some become ICU Nurses when they complete their RN training, while others must take internships in critical care nursing in order to work at certain hospitals.

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ICU Nurse Technician

Collaborated with other healthcare professionals to meet all patient needs effectively.

  • Tested vital signs, glucose, handled I+Os, and provided oral care to intubated patients.
  • Managed transport of patients to treatment locations, and assisted codes as needed.
  • Supplied environmental support and facilitated patient safety at all times.
  • Provided support for the patient and implemented a family-centered model of care.
  • Leveraged expertise with aging process, human development stages, and cultural patterns.

ICU Nurse

provides direct patient care in a busy intensive care unit.

  • Assessed, planned, implemented and evaluated patient care and performed patient education in accordance to unit standards for all patient types and age groups.
  • Collaborated with professionals across the organization to formulate an integrated care plan.
  • Devised health care goals using a holistic approach aligned with patient and family needs.
  • Championed changes in documentation and drug administration processes.
  • Promoted team environment by effectively identifying needs of other staff and assisting them.

Pediatric ICU Nurse

Consulted and coordinated with health care team members to assess, plan and implement and evaluate patient care plans

  • Monitored patient's vital signs and initiated corrective action whenever the Patient displayed adverse symptomatology
  • Followed continuous cardiac and respiratory readings and reported observed changes
  • Administered infusion therapy, including: IV fluids, antibiotics, antifungals, antivirals and electrolytes
  • Prepared and administered and recorded prescribed medications and reported reactions to medications and treatments
  • Assisted treating physicians during examinations, treatments, and procedures including life-saving situations.
  • Analyzed lab results
  • Provided education, information and emotional support to the patient's family and caregivers

ICU Nurse

Care of patients with various types of multisystem trauma patients with an emphasis on neuro trauma and various closed injuries at the ratio of 2:1.

  • Care for patients with various neurological disorders with the emphasis of patients with strokes and aneurysms, vascular malformations, post angio therapy, post tpa (tissue plasminogen activator) treatment, Spinal Cord injuries & traumatic head injuries.
  • Monitored MAP and BP, drawing arterial blood gases and took care of the arterial lines
  • Acted as a Medical Care and Specialized nurse for 20 bed unit for the Patients of anesthetics.
  • Responsible for the recording and reporting values of laboratory with medical treatment.
  • Administered the prescribed medications, changed dressings, clean the wounds and monitor the body.

Newborn ICU Nurse

Cared for premature vent-dependent babies with a wide range of medical challenges.

  • Closely monitored vital signs and perform thorough assessments of patients' conditions.
  • Initiated IV therapy. Created and implemented ongoing care plan.
  • Worked closely with families maintaining communication and support.

Neonatal ICU Nurse

Provided care for Level III critically ill neonates in collaboration with seven neonatologists and multidisciplinary management team

  • Attended high-risk delivery with anticipation of resuscitation of neonates
  • Continuous monitoring and bedside care of 23 week to post term gestational neonates
  • Skilled nursing care consisted of respiratory support (HFOV, conventional ventilation, BCPAP,
  • Ongoing assessment, evaluations and management of neonates with cardiac, neurological and gastrointestinal defects / congenital anomalies
  • Proficiently assisted with bedside surgical procedures and interventions
  • Closely collaborated and thorough updating of ongoing patient status with rounding pediatric
  • Served on Preceptor/Leadership team for orientation and training of new RN graduate nurses and newly hired established RNs to the NICU unit

Pediatric ICU Nurse

Responsible for the direct patient care of complex patients in the PICU unit

  • Provided special service before and after the surgeries.
  • Maintain and take care of the equipment and devices.
  • Developed and maintained a caring and safe environment for the patients.
  • Worked with the health care team for the provision of development of appropriate care to patient and their families
  • Responsible for the demonstration and educate the staff and families regarding treatment, practice, equipment and dealing children

ICU Nurse

Provided specialized nursing and medical care in a 25 bed ICU with 1:2 ratio.

  • Worked closely with in house- unit cardiologists with accurate reporting recording of laboratory values with follow up treatment.
  • Recognized life threatening arrhythmias and means of treatment for patients in cardiac monitors , caring for A-lines, monitoring Swan-Ganz catheters, drawing ABG's and other labs, interpreting and reporting results for proper medical management.
  • Provided direct nursing care to critically ill patients, post-surgical including trauma and coronary artery bypass graft cases.

ICU Nurse

Cared for the critically/acutely ill patients in the Medical ICU.

  • Maintained patient safety, care standards, and confidentiality according to both unit procedure and hospital policy.
  • Provided the highest quality nursing care and service, to both patients and families.
  • Worked as a team member in collaborative manner with nurses, physicians, and other allied health professionals.

Eicu Nurse, Full-time

Utilized telemedicine, teleconferencing, and clinical information technology to continuously evaluate intensive and progressive care patients. Proactively identified impending or evolving patient problems and facilitated early intervention to positively impact patient outcomes.

  • Worked collaboratively with the bedside Intensive Care Unit (ICU) staff, Progressive Care Unit (PCU) Staff and eICU staff to increase the safety and quality of care being provided to hospitalized ICU and PCU patients.
  • Continuously monitored patient alarms and electronic records through VISICU and Cerner to identify relevant changes in patients' health status and proactively problem-solve before patients' condition deteriorated to an urgent situation. Communicated assessments to Intensivists. Ensured follow up to problem resolution.
  • Mentored bedside nurses through routine or urgent patient situations to provide guidance, promote critical thinking, and clinical decision making skills. Provided support for problem-solving through VISICU, The Source.
  • Ensured safety procedures are consistently followed and patient alarms are activated appropriately.
  • Completed camera rounds at the beginning of each shift to visually assess patient appearance, confirm vent settings, and ascertain the accuracy of IV pump programming. Repeated camera assessment for any status change.
  • Audited documentation of best practice bundles and quality initiatives to improve patient outcomes and ensure regulatory compliance. Collected accurate data supporting research activities.
  • Served on the Professional Practice Committee in order to analyze work flow and evaluate performance to maximize the use of evidence-based practice and optimal interdisciplinary communication in the eICU.


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