Critical Thinking And Ethics Miami Dade College

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Critical Thinking and Ethics. Quiz #2. Instructions : Please correctly answer the following questions. Select only ONE answer. Be sure to read and think about each question carefully before you answer. 1 . If subjective moral relativism were true, then it would be the case that: A. All persons are morally infallible. B. All persons are morally equivalent. C. All of the above 2 . According to cultural moral relativism, the actions of individual persons can be judged to be morally right or wrong. A. True B. False 3 . Moral properties , like the rightness or wrongness of an action, are observable properties, just as color and shape are observable properties of physical things. A. True B. False 4 . According to cultural moral relativism A. Different cultures really do have different moral codes. B. There is no moral standard or code by which we can judge the moral code of one culture to be better or worse than the moral code of another. C. The actions of individual persons are to be judged by the code of the culture to which

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