Eden Project Case Study Geography Of Africa

Eden Project - Rural Development Initiative

Location:South Cornwall, UK. 


• Abandoned china clay quarry outside St Austall

• Suffered due to De-industrialisation and global competition

• Job losses (European objective 1 region during 1990s)

• Poor Infrastructure + lack of opportunity

• Area of out-migration

What is Eden

• Location of a major tertiary sector activity
2 Giant biomes in a 60M deep abandoned china-clay mine with surrounding gardens

•Takes up 15 hectares of an abandoned pit, 1/3 of which is taken up by the biomes

• A large scale tourist attraction with biomes that house plants from 3 different climate zones.

• Plans for a 3rd biome.

• The Eden Project is large and dominates the landscape and there are also classrooms and educational centres as well as exhibition galleries


• Redevelopment of a Brownfield site which used to be a china-clay mine
- Biomes dominate the landscape and clear up an area of dereliction dominated by slag heaps, lakes and disused quarries
- Eden Project brings income and a better image for the area as well as providing employment to locals


• Eden project creates 670 on site jobs, 75% of which go to the local people and 40% are to people over 50 who initially lost their jobs from the closure of the china-clay mines. This creates a multiplier effect which in turn creates 1,700 jobs in the region and further supports 8,000 jobs.

•- Increase in income from the Project and increased economic activity generates an extra £8M per year from wages and a further £7M being spent on local goods and services by the Eden Project. Total £15M spent on the area.

• Estimated that visitors spend £111M a year, money which would otherwise be spent elsewhere. This money generates demand and economic activity. 1.8M people visit every year, 92% of which are outside of Cornwall which creates demand for goods and services such as hotels.

• Gets rid of a large amount of derelict land. Biomes dominate the landscape and are large and impressive

•  Communication has improved; it was agreed that 20% of all journeys to the Eden Project would be by public transport. Rail/Bus links have improved and an access road has been built to divert cars from local bus lanes.

•  A sustainable education centre has been built to educate future generations who would start businesses or become entrepreneurs the benefits of sustainable development

Emily emailed and asked for a definitive list of all of the case studies we have used in lessons, this is a scaled down list for each exam topic. Remember to cross check them with the revision booklets we emailed out in the ‘bonanza” email. Different classes may have used slightly different case studies but this should give you a decent head start.

This will not give you the answers your job will be to add the detail and geography to each place – some clues may have been added to help you.

Good luck



The Coastal Zone – lots of the case studies come from the Swanage field trip so look back at this

Weathering and mass movement – Barton on Sea, Hampshire

Processes of erosion and the landforms created – Lulworth Cove, Stair Hole and Durdle Door

Deposition – Hurst Spit, Hampshire

Cliff collapses (SEE impacts) Mappleton ,Yorkshire and Barton on Sea, Hampshire

Coastal management – Barton on Sea (Groynes, Rock Armour, Drainage and stabilisation) Swanage (sea Walls and groynes) Hurst Spit (Rock armour and Groynes)

Sea level change – Isostatic change – Case study on Sweden.

Sea level change – rising sea levels – The Maldives

Salt marshes – Keyhaven Marshes Hampshire

Sand dunes – Studland Devon

Rocks Resources and Scenery

Granite – Hay Tor Dartmoor – Dartmoor National Park – Sheep farming, hill walking, granite quarry and china clay

Limestone – Malham Yorkshire Dales – Yorkshire Dales National park – sheep farming, limestone quarry and hill walkking

Chalk – South Downs – Hampshire and Sussex – South Downs National park – Mixed farming, sheep on high ground and crops on clay, walking and biking. easy access to all

Hope Quarry – manageing the SEE impactes of quarrying

Drayton sand and gravel quarry – uses of old quarries

Eden Project – China Clay quarry being used as a Botanical garden and tourist attraction

Thorpe park – Gravel quarry being used as a theme park

Aquifer – London Artisan aquifer

The Restless Earth

Plate margins link to each case study area

Destructive plate boundary – Juan De Fuca (part of Pacific) and the North American plate

Volcano – Mount St Helens

Andesthetic (sticky) magma

Subduction and Ocean Trenches

Constructiveplateboundary – North America and Europe

Formation of Iceland

Why do people live near Volcanoes – Iceland – Farming, geothermal minerals tourism

Collision plate boundary

Alps – fold mountains – African and Eurasian plate

Land uses in fold mountains – Alps Chamonix

Types of farming – Transhumance, animals in the alp and crops in the valleys

Tourism – skiing, walking and mountaineering

Passive plate boundary 

San Andreas Fault (Pacific and North American plates)

Why do people live in earthquake areas – California – oil, gold, tourism and landscape

Types of Volcano –

Cone – Mt St Helens

Shield – Icelandic Volcanoes or Hawaii

Super Volcanoes – Yellow Stone and Tambora

Earthquake in the rich part of the world – San Francisco or Chille

Earthquake in poor part of the world – Haiti

Tsunami – 2004 Boxing day Tsunami in Indian Ocean.

Changing Urban Environments (many)

Urban land use zones (Guildford)

CBD development and improvement – Portsmouth – Commercial Road

London Docklands development (Regional development corporations)

Hackney – Hope street

Traffic – Congestion Charge – London and Park and Ride in Guildford

Housing needs – High rise tower blocks – Park Hill Flats (Regeneration and decline)

Sustainable living – Bordon, Whitehill eco town. Chip fat taxis in London

Shangai China – Impact of Rapid urban growth

Brown field development – Gentrification – Chelsea

LEDC Cities

Squatter settlements – Kibera Kenya and Rochina in Rio

Site and service schemes – ramesses  development in Eygpt – aims to move people from the city of the dead to towns outside Cairo

Tourism – All case studies think about positive and negatives – also think SEE

Benidorm – Spain – EU Tourism (Growth, Decline and regeneration)


Blackpool – UK Tourism (Growth, Decline and regeneration)

Kenya – Mass tourism – Masai Mara and Mombassa marine park (tropical and global tourism)

Kenya – Tsvavo and Lamu – Eco tourism and sustainable tourism (tropical and global tourism)

Extreme tourism – Antarctica

(use your own holiday experiences)


China – One child policy

India – Kerala – Improving health and empowering women

French – Pro natalist policy

Poland to UK migration

Ageing population – impact on UK (Devon)

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