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Punctuality means doing a thing at the previously designated or appointed time. It is often said that ‘art is long and time is fleeting’. Punctuality enables us to do a great deal of work within a short span of time.

Punctuality is the most important characteristic of all successful people. A punctual person is able to complete all his task on time. The student, the teacher, the politician, the official, the trader and even the layman all have to observe punctuality in order to win glory and success in life.

Punctuality brings in its trail efficiency. It helps us to build our career. A punctual person commands the confidence and respect of others. If we look at the lives of all great men, we would realize that they had got a time schedule for every day. Mahatma Gandhi used to rise early in the morning. He used to keep up appointments and was punctual to a minute.

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A punctual student never misses any class and learns everything that his teacher teaches. He reached the school in time and completes his assignments within the stipulated time. Hence, he manages to do well in examinations. Hence, punctuality should be practiced from childhood.

Similarly, punctuality is very important at workplaces. A punctual person reaches his office in time. Punctuality of an employee gives positive signal to the employer. A punctual employee gives the impression that he is very serious for his job and that he is competent of discharging his duties in an efficient manner. He commands respect in the eyes of both his colleagues and the boss.

Punctuality is a virtue, which is doubly blessed. It imparts efficiency and keeps a person fit and healthy. If we get up early in the morning and take a walk every day and follow a set-programme of life every day, we shall be able to keep fit and healthy. But if we waver and show laxity in our daily programs, we are bound to meet with failure in life.

Let us look at nature. The sun rises at a particular time every-day with slight variation. Rain falls in a regular pattern every year. All the seasons punctually emerge every year. The flowers bloom in spring and the earth wears green apparel during the spring season. In this way, the moon and the stars appear at a particular time. The seasons change according to a set time-table. Thus, everything in nature appears at a proper time. Thus, nature teaches us to be punctual. If we follow the course of nature, we will keep fit, healthy and strong. No school, college or institution can function if punctuality is not observed there. Thus, punctuality is an important ingredient of all successful people.

Punctuality implies maintaining regularity in our daily schedule of work. Punctuality is the gate-way to success.

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Essay on Punctuality1 (100 words)

Time restriction means to work for a person at any given time or to complete any work at any time. A person, who always completes his work on time, is called periodically or time of time. Restrictions are the characteristics of a person who enables him to do all the work on time. This enables a person to do the right thing at the right time, without any excuse to delay work. Restrictions or restrictions are a very important feature, which should be in all individuals. It plays a great role in every stage of life and in many ways gives a person the benefit. Students should learn to give at the right time in school. Restriction is a powerful quality, which makes a person successful and famous

Essay on Punctuality 2 (150 words)

Restrictions are a very good symptom, which can be developed at any age, however, it is better to develop it since childhood; Because the nature and ability of such activities becomes slow with age. This is the property to work immediately at the right time. It is a fundamental virtue, which is the result of its benefits throughout life. There are many bad effects due to the lack of quality of punctuality in life; it is considered to be the key to success in all work areas. Those people who are not from time to time, they fail throughout life, the suggestions for the following restrictions have been given:

  • This requires patience, activism and discipline in life.
  • To be timely, a person should develop a positive attitude within himself.
  • To work on this, more practice and perseverance is necessary.
  • The habit of watching the clock over time should be developed.
  • Alarm should be placed before sleeping
  • Time should be respected.
  • To be timed, a habit of writing all the appointments or tasks in a diary should be developed.
  • To get encouragement, we should read articles promoting social media, internet, newsletters, books.

Essay on  Punctuality 3 (200 words)


The statement is the habit of any person who inspires him to accomplish any task at the time. This is the biggest secret of success: punctuality is a leader who leads the country and other activities, is a very important feature. Punch of time means that as soon as it is ready at the time, to complete the task, to keep all things related to that work systematically. This is a courtesy, which is the time to complete the tasks of a person and make himself aware of the importance of time. At the time or in time, a person takes the time to honor and organize the time.

Value and value of punctuality

At times, a person gets more disciplined life and receives great respect in family and society. During intervention, he works successfully all the employees working in the defense mechanism are strictly trained to punish their duties, even if there is rain, sunlight, storm or any other natural disaster. Timeliness takes a person towards the higher level of success. This quality can be developed by parents and teachers in school for better development. Once a punctual student moves forward towards his goal, he receives love, affection and respect in the family, school and society.

Essay 4 on punctuality (250 words)


Punctuality or punctuality of a successful person is one of the very important characteristics. A person with this quality completes his work at the right time or time. Whenever I think of this, I am really surprised that, what will happen when all citizens and students (students, officers, teachers, leaders, politicians, doctors, engineers, businessmen, etc.) will be punctual in time . In my opinion, it will bring all the systems and actions on the right track and lead the country towards success and pride. Punctuality or punctuality of time is an essential quality.

It helps people to create a bright future. If we take a look at the history of a great man, then we know about the real facts of their success. It enables a person to perform all tasks of the day according to schedule and perform in an easy manner on time. Time-bound people do not waste any minute or even seconds of their time.

Benefits of punctuality

Punctuality is the quality of a disciplined person. It helps a person to move more efficiently and with time. A disciplined and punctual person is always happy, healthy and healthy. A person with such qualities never feel comfortable without completing his work on time. He wakes up early in the morning and completes all the tasks of daily life and becomes involved in doing those tasks, which is necessary to move forward in life. The punctual and disciplined person of time never fails in his life and always gets respect.

Humans are different from life, if we look at the natural process (the rising of the sun, the wind, the flow of water, the arrival of the moon, the disappearance of the sun, the arrival of the season, the flower blossom etc.), all without any delay Are on time. All natural processes are the best examples for learning about timeliness.

Essay 5 on punctuality (300 words)


Timeliness is a very important feature, which must be kept in order for all individuals to succeed. It enables a person to be sufficient enough to meet all the necessary tasks at a given time. The meaning of punctual word is "on time". Being punctual is very much needed for everyone. What will happen when doctors go late in the Operation Theater, students will be late in going to the Examination Room etc. Everything will be disturbed, the student can be removed from the examination hall after the examination is delayed and the patient can die if the doctor comes late.

Importance of punctuality in student life

It is very necessary for students to be punctual to achieve their goals in their lives. It is one of the best qualities that makes the students more civilized and cultured. Students should develop this quality like a habit to do things at the right time. Being punctual proves this proverb that, "A stitch of time is better than hundred stitches of unkempt", that is, working at the right time prevents time savings and unnecessary hassles.

Punctuality is a great quality of students, because it teaches them discipline too. By its use, students can appear at all times at the right time; Eg - school, laboratory, classroom, home, examination room, experimental work etc. They can perform better than both at school and at home. This helps to remove the laziness and negative behavior of the students at both home and school. A disciplined and punctual student receives respect, recognition and social acceptance in both the school and the society. They are praised by their parents and teachers.

Perfectionism is the key to success for punctured students of all time. Students should follow all the great leaders of the world to achieve fame and success. It provides golden opportunities for students to improve in many areas of life. None of us is born with the virtue of punctuality; Everyone has to develop it themselves. It makes a certain way of success.


Perfectionism is the essential quality for all. It is necessary for everyone to develop by the youth of the nation in particular; Because they are the future and they have to lead the country only. The rate of development in any country depends on how committed and disciplined the people of that country are towards their profession. Therefore, punctuality is the key to success for everyone.

Essay on punctuality 6 (400 words)


Perfectionism means that, always ready on time. Being a punctual person is very beneficial for effective lifelong methods. This habit should all develop within itself; Because it helps in all public matters of civilized society. Without virtue, everything becomes chaotic and life does not move smoothly. For a punctual person, it is very difficult to destroy his precious time. They always do all their tasks and appointments of daily life at the right time.

Perfection is key to success

It is very true that punctuality is the key to success because, a person who does not understand the value and meaning of time, can never achieve success in his life. Being a successful person means reaching out to your goal, which one wants to achieve in his life. And it can happen only when it does all the tasks with full dedication and regularity on time. Periodicity in this world is the secret of the lives of all successful people. It clears the way to go ahead and achieve success throughout the world. Successful person knows the value of time and knows how to use the right way in his life.

Someone has said right, "time and tide reflux does not wait for anyone". This means that both the time and the tide of reflux do not always wait for anybody. No one can assemble time to experiment in the future, however, with no timely step by step can definitely make use of it properly. Everyone should understand the value of time to live a meaningful life. No one is born with this quality, however, some people later develop it according to the need and need of their life. This is a very important quality, which can be achieved by step by step. It is better to develop it at home and school with the help of parents and teachers respectively. Any good habit can be very good and whenever it is received well by a person, it never goes away. After this he becomes a permanent part of the people's nature. The habit of punctuality shows in the person's personality.

A punctual student, a careless student can perform better in his school work due to the time. A punctual person looks healthy, healthy, powerful, reliable and beautiful.


Perpetuity plays a very important role in the lives of people by giving them a way to go to their goals. All parents and teachers should understand their obligations and help develop their punctuality in their children and students. A punctual and successful person is a inspiration and a respected person for the society and the people of the country. Those people who destroy their time in nothing, they are always unsuccessful. Therefore, all should be punctual to be happy in this competitive world.

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