Kids Should Get Paid For Good Grades Essay

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Should Students Get Paid For Good Grades?

As kids, children get a candy for being on there best behavior. In middle school or high school, students get spoiled for either getting good grades or acing an exam. In society, grown ups get paid for their duties that comes from their job. In today’s society, it looks like students are getting paid for good grades. Although cash incentives motivates students to study for a test, or getting good grades. Or can there be other ways to reward the students. The question to me is, Should students get rewarded with money for good grades? Or should they not be getting paid for good grades?
I do agree that students can get motivated to study if they are getting paid do so. Providing a reward can enable…show more content…

If a task is very simple, a straight forward and involves only mechanical skills; then chances are that a higher pay may result in a better performance. Although, if the task is complicated that requires conceptual, creative thinking and involves rudimentary cognitive skills; it would not be successful. Instead, it would be the complete opposite. Many of the studies have proved that recognizing student's accomplishments is the ultimately the best motivator, it does not mean that you need to recognize there accomplishments by giving them cash.
It’s the student’s responsibility to study and get good grades. Students should study because they want to, not to be forced to. Its wrong to lure students into studying by using cash as it gives them an idea that money can somewhat “control the world” everything does revolve around money, Which is a sad truth that they don’t understand that money does control the world and them. Although this policy encourages the wrong things. Students may get so caught up in focusing on making more money that they assumed getting good grades is purely for the money and not for learning. As I stated, their parents always expect getting good grades and studying from them.
In conclusion, I believe that students should not get paid for getting good grades. In the process, I believe they are being taught the wrong motive attributes and confuses themselves with the matters and does not matters.

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